Best Paper Shredder for Small Office or Business 2024

Best Paper Shredder for Small Office

We live in a world where the jobs and business that exist today were unimaginable ten years ago. Today we have a start-up culture where new ideas and businesses are getting developed out of a garage. Globalization and modernization have also contributed to these changes. With the emergency of new business, the government started to enforce restraint on how to run this business. All these constraints have resulted in paperwork, which contains confidential and sensitive data.

At the same time, we can see an increase in identity theft and cyber crimes. So it has become very important to throw away or recycle the paper responsibly containing sensitive and personal information. The information so contained in the paper can be that of a company or personal. The best way to ensure the data contained in a paper is scrambled and destroyed is through paper shredders.

Paper shredder was invented in the awake of the need for personal security to safeguard sensitive information. A shredder is a simple device designed to cut the paper into thin strips or fine particles. Earlier, these devices were widely used by government officials to destroy documents. Today as we see data exchange widely even small and medium businesses have started using g paper shredder to destroy documents effectively.

Paper shredders are easily available in the market today. These devices vary in terms of features, size, and design. In this article, we will be sharing information on eight best paper shredders for small offices and businesses. We understand that the cost of a paper can be a little expensive, but it is a small price to pay for protecting your business and clients in the long run. Read through the article you know more regarding eight best paper shredders in 2020.

Eight best paper shredders for business and small offices – Product description

Paper shredders, as mentioned earlier, are available in various types. These shredders are manufactured by some of the best brands in the industry. Demand for paper shredders and the importance of protecting personal information has increased the number of manufacturers designing and selling paper shredders. Competition that we see today has resulted in an overwhelming feeling that has led to confusion. So the correct way for picking a right paper shredder is by knowing its features.

In this part of the article, we have described the features of the eight best paper shredders in detail.

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Amazon Basics 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Home Office Shredder

AmazonBasics 8

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The first paper shredder that we will be discussing today is Amazon basics 8-sheet office shredder. Amazon is a popular barn, which requires no introduction. Amazon is a great online site that allows people to buy products from different continents and get it delivered to our doorstep. The company is known worldwide for its customer satisfaction. The products of this brand have been preferred for its quality after-sale services.

Amazon basic is a simple paper shredder that is suitable for small offices and businesses. The paper shredder is designed to allow quick shredding of documents in no time. The Amazon basic is a cross-cut shredder that can shred multiple papers at a time. In other words, the shredder is designed to support shredding of eight papers at a time in three different types.

The important features of the shredder are mentioned below.

  • Shredder can be used to destroy multiple items like ATM receipts, Credit cards, pay stubs, insurance packets, etc.
  • Devices can shred even when papers are stapled together. In other words, you need not remove staples or small paper clips when shredding the documents.
  • It works on auto-mode, which begins shredding once the sensor detects something on the shredder.
  • It includes a manual reverse mechanism that allows you to clear paper jams.
  • Devices can run up to 30 minutes continuously before needing a 30 minutes break.
  • Dimensions of the paper shredder are 3/16 X 1 27/32 inches, which is ideal for small businesses.
  • Shredder includes a see-through window to determine if the bin is full. The bin of the shredder can hold up to 4.1 gallons of waste.

Pros – Amazon’s basic paper shredder is easy to use and maintain. Its design and size are ideal for small businesses and offices. The cutting blades of the shredder are powerful enough to destroy staples and small paper clips.

Cons – Bin capacity of the shredder is low. It has a short run time.

Fellowes paper shredder – duty and cross-cut shredder with 76Ci.


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The next paper shredder that we will be discussing today is from a company known as Fellowes. This shredder is one such model whose performance is clear from the title. Paper shredder by Fellowes does a tremendous job of destroying all unwanted documents and papers effectively. Design and make of the Fellowes shredder allows for destroying multiple things. The device only not shreds paper and junk mails; it can shred even staples, credit cards, paper clips, CDs, and DVDs.

Fellowes paper shredder is a powerful device living up to the expectation of any user. Shredder being a jam-proof device, is said to perform more efficiently. The slot of the paper shredder to pass the paper is perfect, and it doesn’t short the user on power. The only drawback that we found with the shredder is the bin design, which could have been better.

If you are planning to buy Fellowes paper shredder, then do consider some of its important features listed down.

  • Fellowes’ powershred is 100 percent Jam proof system. The build of the shredder is such that it eliminates paper jams and pushes through the toughest jobs effortlessly.
  • Performance of this paper shredder is an exception. It is a noise-less device that completes its job silently.
  • Motor and other parts of the shedder are designed to be energy efficient. It uses optimal energy for shredding the documents in no time.
  • It includes safe sense technology, which automatically stops shredding when a hand touches the paper opening.
  • Speed of the shredder is 4.3 mpm and comes with an auto-reverse function.
  • Dimension of the shredder – 21.31 x 15.38 x 10.44 inches
  • It can shred up to 16 sheets per pass.

Pros – It includes a Jam proof system by pushing through the toughest jobs. Shredder makes less noise in comparison to other models. Its speed and other features are very practical and useful.

Cons – Design of the shredder’s bin is poorly designed, which has affected its grade.

Bonsaii 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder, Credit Card Shredders for Home Office Use

Bonsaii 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

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Bonsaii is considered as one of the best companies in the industry. The company has reached the top level because of its sales and service record. Bonsaii manufactures a whole range of paper shredding machines suitable for all types of customers. The highly trained team of professionals employed by the company plays an important role in resolving the technical issues relating to any paper shredder manufactured by the company.

The finest paper shredding devices by Bonsaii can be used by both homeowners and small businesses. The shredding machines of the company are affordable to safely and responsibly destroy documents containing unwanted information or confidential information. Bonsaii is an Indian company based out of Mumbai, the products of the company are recognized and preferred in countries like the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and other parts of Asia.

Bonsaii C209-D paper shredder is a simple device designed to meet the needs of small offices, businesses, and homes. The significant features of the shredder that make it a worthy purchase are mentioned in detail below.

  • It is professional and multiple purpose shredders with easy to use features.
  • Sheets passed through the shredder are cut into small pieces of 1/5×1-23/50 inches. This multi-purpose shredder can be used for destroying different things like ATM receipts etc.
  • It includes a handy and spacious bin that collects the shredded documents. The size of the bin is big enough to hold 5.5 gallons of waste.
  • Shredder comes with a portable handle for easy moving and removing of the top part. The large transparent window on the front side of the shredder plays an important role in determining when the shredder is full and needs to be emptied.
  • Design of the shredder is built to last; it includes solid steel cutters and can destroy even paper clips, staples, and cards easily.
  • Other features of the shredder are auto-sensor detection and 4 minutes of continuous use. The shredder also stops automatically when the machine –head is lifted.
  • Finally, it comes with a one-year limited warranty by the manufacturer.

Pros – Maximum shredding capacity with practical features like auto start and reverse function. It prevents jamming of paper, and the bin has enough room to collect the pieces.

Cons – Noise – level of the shredder is average.

ROY29127H PX1201 SHREDDER – for personal and small business


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The next paper shredder that we will be discussing today is from a company known as Royal. The company is a popular manufacturer in production office supplies and accessories. Roots of the company can be traced back to 1904 when they manufactured typewriters. Today the company line of product manufacturing has changed; it includes cash registers and paper shredders. With tons of experience in the industry, the quality and design of its products are good.

Royal paper shredder is one such model that is suitable for business where you need to shred something every ten minutes. Sometimes it so happens that you need to shred hundreds of paper, documents, and other unwanted junk mail in a night. Shredding this may be time-consuming when you need to wait for the machine to cool-down. So to cut down the time taken to shred the documents, Royal introduced cross paper shredder OY29127H. This shredder can shred documents continuously for 10 whole minutes before it needs to cool down.

Other features of the product that makes you want to buy it are referred below.

  • Efficiency of the shredder is tremendous; it can shred paper for a long time without any time to cool. To be specific, the shredder is designed to shred for 10 minutes for needing time to cool down.
  • The Maximum shredding capacity of the product is 12 sheets. It can shred up to 12 sheets at a time. The device can also shred CD, DVD, staples, and credit cards easily.
  • Cross- cut design of the machines shreds the paper into small pieces rather than strips. This type of shredding prevents the recovery of documents for the shredded pieces.
  • Shredded pieces from the machine are collected and stored in a spaciously designed bin. The Capacity of the bin is big enough to hold 5.28 gallons of waste.
  • The lower part of the shredder is attached with wheels; this enables moving of the machine from one place to another easily.
  • Overall, Royal paper shredder is an efficient design for home and small business use, which starts and stops automatically.

Pros – Royal paper shredder OY29127H PX1201 is a moderate investment. The warranty provided by the company ensures the quality of the product.

Cons – It doesn’t include auto-jam resolving features. Also, the duty cycle of the shredder can be improved.

Aurora Professional 12-Sheet Crosscut Paper/Credit Card Shredder with overheat Protection


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Aurora Corporation is a USA based company that was established in 1975. It is headquartered in Torrance, California. Aurora Corporation entered into the market as a calculator manufacturer. In recent years, the company has evolved into a service provider that sells and manufactures various office machines like paper shredders, among other things.

The company’s power lies in the fact that it can transform and develop office products from the inception of an idea to the finished product. They understand the importance of customer satisfaction, which is shown by offering quality products and analyzing their sell data to make it better.

Aurora paper shredder is available in the market in three different types. It can shred papers of 10, 12, 14 sheets simultaneously based on its model. Some of the Aurora shredders include wheels, which makes moving of the machine around a room easy and convenient. Other features of the shredder that make this product best in class are described down.

  • Aurora shredder, as the title suggests, is a professional office machine for destroying various documents conveniently.
  • Crosscut feature of the shredder destroys the documents and paper completely without allowing for reconstruction of the shredded paper.
  • This shredder can be used to shred credit cards into small pieces of 3/16 by 1-9/16 for protecting the security of the company.
  • Shredder can run continuously for three-minute non-stop without any need for cooling down.
  • It includes safety features like overload and thermal protection indications
  • Other important features of the shredder are auto-off, reverse- forward, and 4.5-gallon capacity wastebasket.

Pros – The things we liked the best about Aurora paper shredder are its high-efficiency, durability, and easy to use control options for a seamless experience.

Cons – Cost of the shredder and non-specification of warranty.

HSM SECURIO B32c, 17-19 Sheets, Cross-Cut paper shredder

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HSM paper shredders are a division of Tejora technologies in India. The letters HMS stands for Herman Schwelling Maschinenbau founded 40 years ago. The company is known for its skills to produce over 200 products developed across the globe. The idea behind the company to develop high-quality paper shredders was to reduce the volume of recyclable material.

HSM is a very effective and inspiring name in the market for paper shredding machines. The HSM paper shredders are available in various capacities and sizes. 17-19 sheet paper shredders by HSM are ideal for household purpose or small office needs. The effectiveness of HSM paper shredder is clear from its features listed below.

  • The Capacity of the paper shredder is excellent. It can shred up to 247 sheets in minutes and 17-19 sheets at a time.
  • Crosscut style of the paper shredder creates 447 cross-cut per page.
  • Shredder is equipped to shred paper, staples and credit cards, DVDs, and CDs.
  • It includes a lifetime warranty on cutting cylinders, and also, the shredder is made in Germany.
  • Shredder comes with a multi-functional button for reversing function, a small window for monitoring the level and an energy management system.
  • It also includes features like anti-jam technology, a comprehensive safety system, and solid steel in the construction of the cutting cylinder, which increases its performance.

Pros – It includes all right features like anti-jam system, safety measures, and powerful cutting cylinder, which is made of solid steel.

Cons – the cost of the shredder is not cheap, mainly because of its features.

2445 Cross-Cut Paper Shredder, Continuous Operation


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2445 is the seventh paper shredder that we will be discussing today. If you are looking for a paper shredder that can be used by multiple users, then consider a 2445 cross-cut paper shredder. This paper shredder is a versatile product that is designed to place by desk side.

2445 Cross-cut paper shredder is a high-quality product with solid construction. The cutting heads of the paper shredder is made of steel that reduces the time taken to destroy papers and other documents. The design and standards of the paper shredder 2445 Crosscut are in compliance with HIPAA and FATCA. The shredder has been accepted federally to be the best way to protect against identity theft. The feature of the paper shredder that helps you in deciding whether or not to buy this product is mentioned hereafter.

  • 2445 cross-cut paper shredder is designed to tear through 11-13 sheets of paper at a time. The Capacity of the shredder is such that it can shred 199 sheets per minute.
  • Machine can run continuously for shredding paper, staples, paper clips, and credit cards
  • Compact design of the machine enables us to use it as a desk-side paper shredder.
  • It includes the highest security levels for safely destroying sensitive documents of a home or a small office effectively.
  • Solid and hard cutting shafts of the shredder are covered by the limited lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer.
  • 2445 paper shredders are available in four different capacities, namely, 5-7 sheet, 6-8 sheet, 11-13 sheets, and 12-14 sheets, respectively.
  • 2445 paper shredder includes German engineering and manufacturing, which offers superior quality offering many –year’s trouble-free operations.

Pros – this paper shredder is made in Germany so one can be sure of its quality and design. It can be used for shredding multiple documents, cards, and staples.

Cons – Can shred only a few pages at a time based on the model.

KOBRA +1 SS4 Professional Office Straight-Cut Shredder

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The last paper shredder machine that we will be discussing in this article is from a KOBRA. KOBRA is a professional company based in India. The company was established in the year 2001 and started its operation in the year 2003. The company to encourage sustainable living advised people to use shredders. The paper shredders of the company are responsibly designed to meet the needs of its customers. KOBRA paper shredder protects the environment in the most important way by recycling the paper, and the design of the machine is also patented.

KOBRA +1 SS4 professional office straight cut shredder is an easy and convenient way for shredding papers of various types. KOBRA paper shredder is also one of the best products because it includes the most important feature called energy smart technology. ENERGY SMART feature of the paper shredder uses power optimally and efficiently; it also includes a power-saving standby mode for environmental protection. The features of the paper shredder that must be known by all users are listed below.

  • It has the Capacity of shredding 19 sheets at a time
  • Cutting knives of the shredder are made of hardened carbon that can tear staples and clips
  • Entry point of the shredder is wide enough to allow papers of various sizes to pass, including CDs, DVDs, and credit cards.
  • Shredder comes with a low noise duty motor, which doesn’t overheat during repeated use.
  • Functions of the shredder can be started and stopped automatically
  • Shredded waste of the machine is collected in a waste bin, which is removable. The long transparent window on the machine helps to keep an eye on the bin.
  • Finally, the shredder includes features like motor thermal protection and standard that is in agreement with the trade agreement act.

Pros – Low – noise duty motor of the shredder allows for extended use. The motor of the shredder is equipped to work continuously without overheating. Control – The operations and design of the model are very convenient to use.

Cons – As per our research, we couldn’t find any major cons for this product.


Paper shredders are useful machines that have made destroying documents professional and safe. Shredding paper using a shredder is indeed time-consuming as you need to stop in-between to let the machine cool. But when it comes to destroying unwanted documents containing sensitive information, you cannot take any chances. No other method destroys the paper as effectively as a paper shredder.

In this article, we have shared the eight best paper shredders that you can buy. The size and design of the eight shredders mentioned in the article are suitable for personal use or small size businesses and offices. These shredders are sold and made by some of the best companies in the industry. The cost of the shredder can be a little high, but it is a small price to pay to protect the reputation and identity of our company. Features, quality, and size of the above-mentioned shredders are best in class.

With this, we conclude the article on eight best paper shredders for small businesses and offices. The link to the shredders mentioned above is included for easy purchase. We sincerely hope that the article helps you in finding the best shredder that you are looking for.

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