7 Best Paper Shredder without Basket 2024

Best Paper Shredder without Basket

Many times irrelevant documents or financial statements can create a lot of disturbances in your life. What is the best way to get rid of this irritating matter? The only solution to this problem is to introduce some paper shredders in your office that are found without baskets. Buying a paper shredder is not enough, but it should always possess some qualities. You should check the capacity of the shredders. If the requirement is less, you can go with the smaller ones. But if you have a huge requirement, you must always go with the larger machines. That would work promptly and in a better manner.

Apart from all this, one must also keep in mind that a paper shredder is not a toy item, but it comprises of sharp blades. Thus kids should be kept away from such devices that can cause accidents anytime. The users should also unplug the shredder when not in use. There is no requirement of the unnecessary running of the machine. It is better to go with the paper shredders that have high-quality safety features. It will be safe and secured for the operators and other people in the office. It may also be used in homes for personal use.

The most annoying part of a paper shredder is the paper jam part. Many a time while the machine is running, it is observed that the machine may get pause during the operating time. However, one can get rid of this problem with the help of advanced devices. Most of such devices get jammed because of the exceeding limit of the papers or if the device is not maintained properly or there is a shortage of oil. If you also put the wrong materials, the same problem may arise again in the case of your device. It should be checked as and when required.

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Best Buy Paper Shredders without Basket

We all know that paper shredders are always found along with baskets that can easily collect the wastes. On the other side, some shredders are also available without baskets. In the present time. Paper shredders play a vital role. People cannot stay for a single moment without such devices as they can help to destroy useless documents and make the area clean and tidy. Let us check out some main products in this case. Here are some important devices that can solve your problem.

1. Aurora AU800SD Professional Strip Cut Paper Shredder


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Now you can easily keep your confidential away from the prying eyes with the help of Aurora AU800SD Professional strip cut paper shredder. Once you put all your irrelevant papers inside the box, no need to worry about it anymore. The machine will dispose of all the documents carefully. It can be conveniently used at home. The main thing about this device is it comes without a basket.

Hence it can be fitted with a regular trash bin for betterment by using the extended arm. All the sheets are shredded at 9.8 per minute. The machine also comes with a jam remover to remove the jam during the working time. Apart from documents, the device is equally responsible for destroying DVDs, CDs, and similar other hard documents. The throat of the shredder is estimated to be about 8.7″ wide. This is enough to hold and accumulate any types of documents. If you use this device, you will not prefer to use any other ones in the future. You can also use anti-jam technology that will help you get rid away from this problem.


  • Capable of shredding credit cards or Identity cards.
  • Sheets are shredded at 9.8 per minute.
  • Comes with a jam remover that removes all disturbances during the operating time.
  • Extendable arm extends to the waste bins.


  • It would have been better if the look of the shredder had been made a little stylish and attractive.

2. AmazonBasics 8-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Shredder

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It will be nice to see that all the waste documents are swiftly destroyed and disposed of by a machine. To get this unique experience, you should rely upon the paper shredder of AmazonBasics 8 –sheet security Micro-Cut shredder. Within a fraction of seconds, this machine turns the papers into strips. If you have a credit card stapled with a pin, the device will also dispose of that card along with the pin. The machine is made durably and has good power. Sometimes, shredding documents is vital to preserve or conserve important documents.  Thus the paper shredder of AmazonBasics smoothly saves your documents from going to the public. It perfectly combines price and performance. The sensor allows the machine to start the work. If it runs for a long time and gets heated, the machine will automatically stop running and start the cooling process. If you owe a small business, this device can do a lot of your work.

With the help of indicators light, the user can be informed about the overheating or overloading system. This may not be present in any other device. But you will be lucky to have this system in this device. So, without thinking anymore, just buy this shredder to carry out your work.


  • It can easily shred credit cards along with the pin.
  • An ideal way to preserve the documents.
  • With the help or sign of the sensor, the machine works and run.
  • Will automatically stop if the machine becomes overheat because of continuous running.


  • It would have been better if it could have used the machine for larger offices or organizations.

3. EZBASICS 5-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder


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If you are looking for a perfect device that can easily shred all your personal information beginning from ATM receipts to other things, it would be better to try the paper shredder of EZBASICS 5-Sheet. There is no such special requirement of dipping any lubricant in this machine. The noise level of this device is low, and it will disturb no one. The sheets that are put inside the device is shredded beautifully. The most important thing about this device is it is secured and safe for the users. It can shred about 5 sheets at a time. The machine can continuously run for 5 minutes and it requires a cooling time of 30 minutes.  This device can be efficiently used in both home and office. This is a great option for users. The mode of operating the device is simple and smooth, and anyone can do it. It can shred any type of papers or documents for the users.

The main thing about this device is it can fit anywhere and enhance your décor. On the other side, the transparent window helps the user to see the shredded documents from outside. There is an easy dumping tray for storing all the shredded documents. This device is equally responsible for making and maintaining a quiet environment in the same position. This is one of the best qualities of the device that should be uttered and informed to the intending buyers.


  • Makes less noise than the other shredders. It is estimated that the noise level of this device is about 58dB.
  • No need of dipping any lubricant in the machine.
  • It can continuously run for 5 minutes.
  • It can be effectively used in both home and office. It means we can use it for both professional and personal use.


  • It would have been better if it had shredded sealed envelopes.

4. Aurora AS420C Desktop-Style Cross-Cut Paper Shredde

Aurora AS420C Desktop

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It is easy to destroy any sensitive information with the help of Aurora  A S420C paper shredder. You can get ample things special and important about this device. It is a compact paper shredder convenient to handle and comes with easy lifting features. It comes with a detachable power cord that can be conveniently used by the operators. It is best for both home and office environment.

The shredder can shred up to 4 sheets. The steel cutters present inside the machine is sharp and durable for the work. There is three power mode. They are ON/ OFF and Reverse. The machine comes with thermal protection, and this protects the machine from becoming overheated. There is a letter opener accessory attached to this device.

The user will also get a manual that is attached along with the device so they can smoothly run the device. In case of any confusion, they can easily go through the manual to run it properly. The desktop-style of the shredder is always appreciated by the users. It is a wonderful invention of paper shredders. The role of a paper shredder is vital, and it can carry out many important tasks. With the help of this letter opener, accessory one can do a lot of things. It is a pivotal tool that is found along with this device.


  • It comes in a compact shape and design.
  • Available along with easy lifting features.
  • It comes with three modes, namely, on, off and reverses.
  • A manual attached with the device for the smooth operation of the same.


  • It would have been better if it has increased the capacity of the sheets for the benefit of the users.

5. Royal 112MX 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder

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This sturdy and classic paper shredder manufactured by Royal 112 MX is a superb one for any office environment. People have like this easy to operate and easy to maintain the device. The design of the shredder is made in such a manner so it can shred up to 12 sheets in any situation. There is a clear window of 3.25 gallon along with a pullout wastebasket for easy disposal of all the destroyed information. There is a separate cutting slot and efficiently cuts all types of credit cards and similar other types of hard documents.

The company believes that it is one of the best shredders and always tries to maintain its standard. The device is successful in destroyed many digital and printed information. The mode of maintaining the device is simple, and anyone can do it. There is no such special requirement of spraying any products or cleaning the device. If you use this device, you will never like to opt for any other ones. If you have not yet started using it, commence using the same. It is a reliable device for shredding vital documents.


  • It can shred up to 12 sheets for the users.
  • The capacity of the gallon is 3.25 gallons, and it comes with a pullout wastebasket for destroying the information.
  • It comes with a cutting slot to cut the hard documents like credit or debit cards.
  • No special requirement for maintaining the device or cleaning the same.


  • It would have been better if the mode of operating the machine was made a little simple and easier for the users.

6. Sentinel FM100P On Guard 10 Sheet Shredder

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If you are worried to shredding your credit cards, just wait and try the paper shredder that is made by Sentinel FM 100P. It is an ideal micro-cut shredder that can easily cut CDs and DVDs. The papers are emptied within a short time. The operating mode of this device is simple, and anyone can smoothly do it. In case the motor of the machine becomes overheated, the same can be cooled down with the help of a sensor. Once it beeps, the machine will automatically stop for cooling down. There is also a manual attached to the product.

This will help the user to operate the device, smooth and in a hassle-free manner. The device can smoothly take letter-size documents easily. Once you buy this device, you will come across a separate credit card slot that will efficiently shred the cards. The pullout basket is awesome, and the users can easily pull it. This makes the whole process of emptying the bucket smooth and easy.


  • It comes with micro-cut shred for optimum security.
  • Available with a separate unit of the credit card slot.
  • The motor of the device stops working once it becomes overheated.
  • The pullout basket is easy to pull and great.


  • It would have been better if the device had some warranty period for smooth functioning.

7. GoECOlife GMA120P-WHT Premier Edition Shredder

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It is one of the most stylish and innovative shredders that has been established by GoECOlife GMA 120P-WHT. It can rather enhance the look of your home and office in a new way. Put all your confidential documents and it will shred all such documents into tiny pieces. The whole thing will come into unreadable pieces. This device is also prompt in shredding many credit and debit cards that may not be required by you anymore. The operating mode of this machine is silent, and no one will feel disturbed by its work.

This item is durable and is loved by a good number of people because of its operating function.  In short, the whole look of the device is advanced and attractive to modern people. If you place it in one corner of your office, it will look nice. The weight of this device is estimated to be about 18.3 pounds. It can shred about 12 sheets at one time. It is a great thing about the machine. Now no need to worry about shredding the unwanted documents. Buy this machine and put all your wastes inside it. You will get an instant result within less time.


  • It makes the sheets into small or tiny parts within less time.
  • It makes the documents unreadable for the users.
  • It helps in easily shredding many hard documents effectively.
  • It shreds about 12 sheets in one stroke.


  • It would have been nice if the price of the device could have lowered for the benefit of the buyers or the users.

Without Basket Paper Shredder Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do without basket paper shredders require additional maintenance effort?

The short and sweet answer to this question is that the without basket paper shredder doesn’t require too much maintenance effort. But there are mainly two types of shredders present in this section, one that comes with a drawer design, and the second type is the shredder that doesn’t have any kind of paper collecting bin. If you are going with the portable option that doesn’t have any kind of collector bin, then you can directly throw the shredded paper into a bin of your office or home.

However, if you are going with the option that comes with the drawer style design, so thankfully, it also doesn’t require additional maintenance. The shredder will indicate you through the indicator light when it gets full; then, you can simply put the drawer out and dump the shredded items into another bin.

  • Is it true that the without basket paper shredder doesn’t come with micro-cut functionality?

There is a common misconception among many people that the without basket paper shredders don’t come with the micro-cut functionality. Although it is a myth that micro-cut functionality does not come in without basket paper shredders, only a few of the manufacturers are doing this. This myth is popular because most paper shredders that don’t have any collector bin or basket come with strip or cross-cut functionality.

But the fact is that there is nothing like that, which means you can easily buy a without basket paper shredder that comes with a micro-cut functionality, and you can turn the papers into thousands of diamond-shaped tiny pieces.

  • Should I purchase a without basket paper shredder over a normal paper shredder?

Firstly, it completely depends on your choice, and if you don’t want to mess up with the basket kind of stuff in a paper shredder, you should go with the without basket paper shredders. If you have decided to go with the paper shredder that doesn’t have anything to collect the shredded items, then it is a sure thing that you will get fantastic portability. And it is also a true thing that the standard paper shredders have their advantages, that you should not ignore, but in the end, it only depends upon your personal choice.

  • Is it possible to shred multiple papers/documents at the same time through a without basket paper shredder?

People think that without basket paper shredders can’t shred the multiple papers/documents at the same time, but there is nothing like that. However, it is a correct thing that some paper shredders that don’t come with any dedicated shredded items or paper collectors struggle sometimes. But if you are looking for a paper shredder from quite some time, you may have heard or looked at the without basket shredders that can shred a bunch of documents or papers at the same time. It’s because nowadays there are many advanced technologies of shredders present in the market that allow you to shred not only multiple documents at a time.  But you can use them to shred hard material of things like CDs, staples, paper clips, credit cards, etc.

Bottom Line:

People sometimes get confused about choosing the best types of paper shredders. However, the main thing is the purpose of the shredder. If the requirement is small,l you should buy a smaller one. Whereas if there is a large requirement, you must buy a large one. In many offices, paper shredders have become a mandatory product. There are still some offices that have not yet understood the actual use of shredders. So, before everything, people should know what a shredder is and what is its function?

A paper shredder is a valuable device that can destroy many unimportant and confidential documents within a shortage of periods. It does not keep any trace of its work. The papers are cut down into small pieces so people cannot witness or find any clue. So, in every angle, it is important to keep a paper shredder in your office to stay away from any types of confusion or misunderstandings.

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