10 Best Quiet Paper Shredder 2024 – Consumer Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Quiet Paper Shredder

Are you worrying that you won’t be able to choose a good paper shredder? We advise you to stop worrying because you have finally come to the right article. Confidential documents, when not in use, require shredding. This destruction is necessary because if you discard documents as it is in your trash, it may be fatal to your privacy. Due to this reason, we recommend you to buy a paper shredder. You can also use it at your offices as well as homes.

Additionally, we understand that it is tough and tiresome to choose from the wide range to such shredders that are available on the market. To help you, we have come up with a list of our top ten picks of quiet paper shredders available for purchase in the United States. Moreover, we have individually listed the reviews, pros and cons of these products as per consumer reports as well.

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Best Buy Quiet Paper Shredder Reviews

We have tried to include all the details of the product in our description that will help to clear all your doubts and queries. Let us now discuss all the details of these paper shredders in detail –

1. AmazonBasics Paper Shredder

AmazonBasics 8

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This shredder can shred eight sheets at a single go. It works so fast that it turns paper to shredded strips in a matter of seconds. You can even shred your expired credit cards with this shredder. It comes with a bin that has a capacity of 4.1 gallons. Buyers are also provided with a warranty of 1 year with this product. However, in the case of credit or ATM cards, we advise you to shred them one by one as it can harm the machine’s shredding ability. One of the best features of the shredder is its auto mode. In this mode, the shredder will automatically begin the process once the sensor detects any material. Any shredded content will then be dropped to the bin without creating any mess.

You can continuously shred for up to three minutes with this machine. After that, it may need a cool down for 30 minutes. Additionally, if you accidentally run it beyond the limit, the machine will shut off automatically to prevent overheating. This shredder can be best used at a home office or a small business. It can conveniently fit under tables, desks, and workstations. You can also remove the bin effortlessly whenever you need it. The largest shreds created with this machine have a width of almost one-fourth of an inch. You can either do strip shredding, cross-cut shredding, or micro-cut shredding with this paper shredder. You will also receive an instruction manual with this product. Moreover, this shredder only weighs 8.3 pounds and has dimensions of 12.8 X 7.3 X 15.9 inches.


  • The shredder has an LED indicator that helps you know when the machine is overheated.
  • You can shred eight paper sheets in a single go with this shredder.
  • It is compact and can fit under desks as well as workstations.
  • It also has a transparent window through which you can know when you have to empty the bin.


  • We did not come through any disadvantages until now for this product.

2. Fellowes Paper Shredder


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On number two of our list, we have the paper shredder by Fellowes. This is a perfect shredder that you can use in your household. It will help you in securely shredding many paper documents like – tax documents and other confidential papers. Additionally, you may also destroy many materials like – credit cards, DVDs, and CDs. It features terrific SafeSense Technology. This helps the machine to stop shredding if your fingers accidentally enter that area of the paper opening. Moreover, it comes with a bin that has a capacity of 6 gallons. You will love the fact that this shredder can shred continuously up to 20 minutes. Only after this, it requires a cool-down period.

Due to its sensors, it is also safe to be used around pets and children. Also, you can shred up to 16 paper sheets at one go with this product. The micro-cut blades in the machine are swift and effective. It is also claimed to be safer than the strip-cut shredders. You will never experience any jams with this shredder. It is very useful in the elimination of any paper that gets stuck and get through tough cuttings pretty quickly. It is an ultra-quiet machine and doesn’t create any unwanted noise. The shredder is black colored, and its outer machine is made from plastic as well as metal. Additionally, the dimensions of this shredder are just – 10.4 X 15.4 X 21.3 inches.


  • SafeSense technology protects your fingers from cutting.
  • This shredder can shred 16 papers in a single go.
  • It is ultra-quiet during its operation.
  • You can operate it continuously for 20 minutes without worrying about overheating.


  • The maneuverability of the machine needs a little improvement.
  • The quality of the material used to make the shredder is not that high.

3. Bonsaii Paper Shredder


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The best quality of this shredder is that it can do the shredding process continuously for 60 minutes without shutting off. It is so quiet that it can even be used in the libraries. Additionally, it only makes the sound of 62 dB. In one feed, you can shred up to 18 sheets. It also takes up CDs, DVDs, staples, and credit cards. It has an entry slot of 8.7 inches that can take large legal-size documents as well. The machine also comes with an auto stop and auto-start feature along with the reverse feature. The shred dimensions are 5 X 40 mm. It also has a cooling system that protects the controls from overheating at any time. The product also has a jam protection feature that is excellent in preventing jams.

The jam prevention feature is that it reverses the directions of incoming papers. The wastebasket that comes with the shredder has a universal size of 6 gallons. It can be easily pulled and does not require frequent emptying. You can also use the transparent window to check it is full or not. The product weighs only 23.1 pounds and has the dimensions of – 14.2 X 11.2 X 21.5 inches. You also do not need lubrication when you are using this shredder. You can also select other versions of the product that can shred up to 8, 12, 15, 16, and 20 sheets at a time, respectively. The price of these versions differs from one another.


  • The trash basket is easy to pull and place back.
  • It is very quiet and can be used at a library without any worries.
  • This shredder can work for one hour continuously.
  • It has a wide entry slot that has a size of 8.7 inches.
  • It also comes with a warranty of one year.


  • The price of the shredder lies at the high end of our list.
  • Some buyers have reported that the product is not easy to clean.

4. Fellowes Paper Shredder (Powershred)

Fellowes Powershred 99

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You can easily shred CDs, DVDs, tax documents, and other paper documents with this product. This cross-cut shredder is safe to be used around kids and pets as it comes with the SafeSense technology. You can run it continuously for 30 minutes. However, after that, it requires to be shut off for 40 minutes. This period is necessary to cool it down properly and prevents damage due to overheating. It comes with a 9-gallon bin that is larger than a regular container in shredders. Due to this reason, you can use it in offices and heavy-work sites. The lifespan and quality of the product are so amazing that it will surely last for years. It helps you in maximizing productivity by reducing the time required for shredding.

Additionally, it is ideal to be used by one to three people and comes with a warranty of two years. This product offers three levels of paper jam protection feature, which works exceptionally at all times. Moreover, this shredder also saves a lot of energy and is easy to use. You can do hassle-free shredding of a considerable number of documents at any time you want. The technology used in the product is patented to protect its user’s identity. This shredder only weighs 44.5 pounds, whereas its dimensions are – 17.3 X 11.4 X 25.2 inches. It is reviewed by many buyers and can be shipped to all across the United States of America.


  • The bin of the shredder is enormous and does not require frequent emptying.
  • You get a warranty of two years with this product.
  • You can use it in your homes as well as offices.


  • This product cannot be shipped out of America to other countries.
  • The price of the shredder is a little costly.
  • It requires shut off for almost 40 minutes.

5. HSM Paper Shredder


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This paper shredder is available for purchase in two colors. These colors are – black and white. It also comes in different versions that can shred 12, 14, 17, 20, and 25 sheets, respectively. HSM has been a leading brand when it comes to manufacturing quality paper shredders. They have been in the market for 45 years and have built and developed many products for shredding and cutting paper. Additionally, they are known to understand the situation and problems of their consumers very very. With this shared star paper shredder, you can shred documents in the perfect size ratio. It can let you do the cross-cutting as well as confetti cutting of unrequired paper documents.

The dimensions of the shredder are – 11 X 15.6 X 21.7 inches. Moreover, you can quickly move this product on castors. One of the best features of this shredder is that it comes with an automatic detection feature. Through this, the machine can easily detect when the trash container is full and requires emptying. The shredder is user friendly and does not require colossal knowledge for its operation. Buyers can use the machine continuously for almost 15 minutes. However, after that, it would require a cool-down period of 30 minutes. Other features of the shredder include the automatic stop and start functions. Up to 5 people can use this shredder, and it weighs only 27.6 pounds.


  • The LED indicator will help you know the operation of the machine quickly.
  • It is very easy to operate and user-friendly.
  • You can choose the color of the shredder from two colors, which are – white and black.
  • It is perfect for usage in desks.


  • The shredder is quite expensive for a common man.
  • Buyers have claimed that white units have less performance ability that the black ones.

6. EZBASICS Paper Shredder


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The very famous EZBASICS Paper Shredder has secured the sixth position on our list. This shredder is very quiet and has noise levels of only 58 dB. It does not need any lubrication and works very well for many years. It has a level of P4 security standards to provide the best experience to its users. You may shred many things in this shredder ranging from – pay stubs, bank statements, bills, tax records, receipts, and other papers. It also prevents all kinds of paper jams and can shred up to 5 paper sheets at a time. You can also use this shredder for cutting up your old credit/debit cards. The bin size is 3.1 gallons, and it is very easy to remove and place back after emptying the trash from it.

The best quality of this shredder is that it allows you to shred small paper clips and staples that you might accidentally leave on your documents. You can use this machine at your offices as well as homes. We advise you that you should always empty its bin when required; otherwise, its functionality will get reduced. Talking about the working time of this shredder, it can work continuously for five minutes. After that, it may need a shut-off period of 30 minutes. In this period, the shredder will cool down and prevent the burning of the machine parts due to overload. Buyers of the product get a limited warranty of one year after the date of their purchase. Additionally, the shredder only weighs 15.4 pounds and has dimensions of – 15 X 7.5 X 13.5 inches.


  • The shredder is priced at a very economical price.
  • The design of the product is lovely and fantastic.
  • The functionality of this shredder is commendable.
  • The machine is very easy to operate and use.


  • You cannot shred sealed documents in this shredder.
  • The shredder’s ability to cut credit cards must be improved a little.

7. BOXIS Paper Shredder


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Next, we have a marvelous paper shredder by BOXIS. This shredder is capable of shredding a considerable number of paper sheets at a time ranging from – 80, 90, 140, and 700 sheets. It can perform cross-cutting as well as micro-cutting. Due to such high functionality and shredding ability, this shredder is well suited for places that require frequent cutting of waste yet confidential papers. The throat entry width of the product is 8.66 inches. Due to this reason, the machine can take up big sized documents and helps you in eliminating the need for folding such papers. Additionally, it also has an automatic reverse and forward modes. These modes help in preventing any jamming that can be caused during heavy loading of paper.

You can also set the machine in manual feed type, where it will start taking eight sheets at once. However, you need to know that the run time in this mode is 3 minutes if the task is huge. It is extremely quiet in its operation and creates the sound of only 70 dB. The casters with the product make it easy to move around. Additionally, the shredder also has an indicator that turns on when the machine is overheated. It is grey and can blend with a wide variety of office interiors very well. Other features of the shredder include – auto stop and start, open door, and manual reverse function. This item only weighs 16 pounds and is very compact. You can also shred ATM/credit/debit cards with this machine.


  • This shredder is best for doing heavy shredding tasks.
  • Its dimensions are – 12.9 X 8.9 X 18.3 inches.
  • It has many decent reviews on various e-commercial platforms.


  • The bin that comes with the shredder is small as compared to other bins of the shredders on our list.
  • The product can be costly for some people.

8. Aurora Paper Shredder


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The Aurora professional-grade shredder can micro-cut up to 14 paper sheets at once. You will also be able to shred many things like staples, clips, credit cards, and DVDs with this machine. It can run for 30 minutes continuously without overheating. The bin that comes with the product has a capacity of 5 gallons, which is enough for homes and offices. It has level P4 security standards and is excellent at shredding confidential documents. The operation is also very quiet, and it won’t irritate you ever. Generally, shredders cross cut papers, but this machine does the micro-cutting. Due to this reason, it is safer than other shredders in the market. You also do not have to worry about any paper jams if you are thinking of buying this product.

The item only weighs 22.4 pounds and has the dimensions of – 14.4 X 11 X 19 inches. It also has LED light features that turn up in many cases of – overloading, overheating, standby, and when the bin is full. The shredder is very convenient and easy to use. The mouth of the shredder is 9.7 inches in width. Moreover, the design of the product is modern and minimalist. The bin of the shredder can carry the waste of almost 300 sheets. Additionally, the product is highly rated and can be shipped all across the United States of America. It also consumes little energy and can be used in a wide variety of spaces.


  • The design of the product is compact and sturdy.
  • It has excellent reviews from many buyers on the internet.
  • It can fit into desks and workstations very well.
  • The item can be delivered to anywhere in America.


  • The shredder can be a tad bit expensive for some people.
  • The manual reverse feature of the shredder needs a little improvement.

9. SimplyShred Paper Shredder


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The ninth position of our list has been secured by the SimplyShred cross-cut shredder. This high quality and multi-functional shredder are capable of shredding 18 paper sheets in a single go. It accepts a wide variety of things for destroying, such as – staples, credit cards, CD/DVD, etc. the cross-cutting is very fine, and the dimensions of each shredded paper bit are 4 X 4 mm only. The noise level of the machine is very less as it operates on just 58 dB. The casters come included with the product and provide it great portability around places. It has a speed of 8.5 feet/minute and comes with a compatible bin. This bin has a capacity of 7.4 gallons and can hold the trash of up to 400 paper sheets.

It can accept legal as well as letter-sized documents with ease. The motor of the machine is so qualitative that it won’t cause you any trouble for years. If you ever forget to turn the shredder off after you have shredded your papers and documents, you don’t have to worry. This is because this shredder will shut off itself in such cases. Additionally, the machine is excellent in preventing paper jams that generally occur due to heavy paper loads. It will surely save you a lot of energy and comes with LED indicators. These indicators make it even easier to operate. We recommend you not out particular articles in this shredder like transparency sheets, blades, carbon copies, file folders, and plastic. These articles can damage the machine and the motor of the product.


  • The size of the product is very compact.
  • The quality of the motor used in the machine is very high.
  • The capacity of the bin that comes with the shredder is huge.


  • The shredder has a considerable amount of negative reviews on the internet.
  • It is not a product that you can purchase if you live out of the United States.

10. KOBRA Paper Shredder


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Lastly, on our list, we have the KOBRA paper shredder. This paper shredder is available in white color. Buyers will get free shipping of the product in the United States. The best feature of the shredder is that it allows you to do paper shredding for the whole day. It also means that it does not require shutting off for cooling down like other paper shredders. It is a cross-cut shredder type that comes with a bin that has the capacity of eight gallons. You can shred up to 12 sheets of paper at once with this machine. Additionally, it is also capable 0f cutting credit cards.

It weighs almost 20 pounds and has the dimensions of – 20 X 13 X 20 inches. If you are thinking of buying it, you have to know that this product also comes with a warranty of 1 year against defects. It is an ecofriendly shredder, and you don’t need to put a plastic bag around it to prevent mess. It directly and swiftly drops all the trash to the bin attached to it. Its knives are made using carbon steel. This steel is extremely hardened and helps in the smooth and fast cutting of paper at all costs.


  • The cutting knives are made from carbon steel, which makes them more durable.
  • You can operate it throughout the day without stopping.
  • The bin of the shredder also has a large capacity.


  • The price of the product lies at the high-end.
  • It is only available in white color.

Quiet Paper Shredder Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the quiet paper shredders vibrate more as compared to the standard paper shredders?

Well, the paper shredder indeed vibrates because they have the mechanical motor in them. And almost all the machinery that has some sort of motor also produces little bit or more vibrations; there is nothing too complicated. And the short but sweet answer to this question is that quiet paper shredders don’t produce too many vibrations compared to other ordinary paper shredders.

It’s because the manufacturers usually make some kind of tweaks in their quiet paper shredder so that their paper shredder does not produce too much noise and vibrations. It is also true that almost all the quiet paper shredders also vibrate a little bit but pretty less than ordinary shredders.

  • Why sometimes my quiet paper shredder produces noise while shredding papers?

It happens with many people or quiet paper shredder users that their shredder makes some noise sometimes. It mostly happens because the paper shredders have some blades inside that help cut down the paper into the slices, strips, or tiny pieces. But when the blades start to rub together then sometimes they produce an annoying sound, which many people don’t like. If you are getting the same kind of issue with your quiet paper shredder, you must first need to oil it first.

Oiling is a very necessary thing for shredders, and when it comes to shredding paper, you must need to oil your shredder from time to time. However, it is another maintenance factor alongside the primary dumping process.

  • What is the good noise level to look for while buying the right type of quiet paper shredder for quiet shredding operations?

It is the most common factor that seems very confusing for some people, but you should keep it simple and understandable. You may have looked at various paper shredders, and they usually also vary based on the noise level. Right? But the question remains the same: what is the ideal noise level while choosing the right type of silent or quiet paper shredder? Right. So as per many experts and regular users, you should go with an option that must have below 80 decibels of the noise level. However, there are many options present related to the quiet shredder that only produces 50 decibels of noise, which is way too silent than other ordinary shredders.

  • Why does the metallic quiet paper shredder make the buzzing sound?

If you have recently bought a brand new paper shredder that is actually a quiet one, but if it has the metallic body, then, believe it or not, it might produce a little bit or buzzing sound. And for some people, this type of buzzing sound is very irritating and annoying. It happens with the metallic body of paper shredders because the metal is a very bad choice of material that is not good at handling the vibrations. In case if you have set the shredder on the table or anything like that, then it might automatically amplify the overall buzzing sound.


We understand that choosing a paper shredder that will suffice all your requirements is difficult. Different shredders also have different functionality. However, you should never neglect the need to buy a shredder because they help you protect your privacy. You can use them for shredding papers, documents, credit/debit cards as well as DVDs/CDs. In our enhanced list of top ten paper shredders consumer reports, you will find a shredder that will fit perfectly to your budget.

This is because we have listed shredders that have prices that lie in high as well as low ends. Make sure you read the description of a product carefully before you make a purchase. We also recommend you to read their pros and cons well. Apart from that, you can also refer to various reviews of buyers from all across the country, if you still feel skeptical about buying the product.

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