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Best Staples paper shredders online

Are you eagerly looking for a machine that can destroy all your useless documents? Wait, the search is almost over. Now you have advanced and innovative devices that can serve your purpose. The name of such a useful device is the paper shredder. They are innovative and can be handled by anyone. No matter whether you are using it for the first time. It is easy to operate and run the device. There are ample uses of such shredders. Let’s be specific and say that a shredder helps shred documents and sensitive papers into unreadable pieces. This is done within a few moments. It is mainly adopted by people as a safety feature. Staples paper shredders are found in various sizes and capacities. One can choose it as per their demand and requirement. The smaller bins are presumed to be eco-friendly, although they have small capacities.

On the other side, an office that has a good number of employees should always look for the larger ones. This device is available with the facility of auto-start options. In case it gets jammed, people can opt for an auto-reverse option so the whole thing is cleared and the machine performs smoothly. It is always safe and convenient to use paper shredders. People are highly satisfied with the service of this device, and they have ample faith in it.

It mainly depends upon the user which type of shredder they would choose. It would rather depend upon the sensitivity of the documents. You should also consider the noise level of the shredder before purchasing it. The device may not make an excessive sound so it disturbs the environment. Just try and use this amazing device, and it will give you a great experience in your lifetime.

Best Staples paper shredders online

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Best Buy Paper Shredder Staples Consumer Reviews

A brief introduction of some best staples paper shredders:

If you are looking to buy a good-quality staples paper shredder, it is vital to keep certain things in mind. Always try to buy the top product as that will give the best service with no issues. In the next few lines, we will try to find out some of the best shredders consumer reports that are found in the market.

1. Fellowes Powershred W11C

Fellowes Powershred W11C

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It is seen that the paper shredder invented by Fellowes Powershred is great because of its advanced technology that is mainly introduced for the safety of the operators. It can assemble debris of eleven documents per time. It takes about twenty minutes to cool down. The safety lock features protect the fingers of the users. The weight of the device is estimated to be about 14 pounds. It shreds the papers into the cross-cut manner and that is the safest as no one can any clue of the document in any way.

Sometimes people may require to dispose of sensitive official documents. This device can be efficiently used in such a situation. It comes with child and pet safety features, and this will protect your dear ones from any type of serious accidents. Modern people are highly satisfied with this device and they always try to introduce it in their lives.


  • Helps in shredding paper clips and staples without jamming the device.
  • The finger of the operator always remains safe and secured.
  • Take twenty minutes to cool down.
  • Helps in cross-cutting the documents smoothly.


  • It would have been better if the device had produced less sound at the time of operation.

2. Bonsaii EverShred C149-C 18-Sheet Heavy-Duty Cross-Cut Paper


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The paper shredder that is introduced by Bonsaii Ever Shred carries out the work without making a single noise. It runs for about sixty minutes and shreds about eighteen papers at a time. This is a great thing and work done by the device. This device is prompt in shredding identity cards and other types of hard documents that often becomes tough for the users. The device comes with an in-built cooling system. The weight of the device is measured to be about 23.1 pounds. Apart from all this, the device has a built-in jam system. This is an interesting feature that the device possesses.

This device runs continuously for 60 minutes, and this is a big time. The advanced and updated cooling system helps to protect the sophisticated tools of the device effectively. Any type of A4 size paper is just ideal to be used inside this device. You can also get rid of any type of jam that may affect the motor of the device.


  • It makes less noise at the time of operation.
  • The run time is long for the convenience of the device.
  • It comes with an ability to shred eighteen documents at a time.
  • Available with an in-built cooling system.


  • It could have been better if the device would have come with easy portability features.

3. Aurora AU820MA High-Security Professional Micro-Cut Paper

Aurora AU820MA High Security Shredder

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The paper shredder that is invented by Aurora AU820MA is a highly useful device that can produce irretrievable debris of documents that may not be required by the office or simply unimportant. It holds the capacity to destroy about 12 documents and papers at a time. The main thing about this device is that there is an overheat indicator present in this device. The device also comes with auto power on and off features. The device is not heavy and it is estimated that the weight is about 13.1 pounds. It can shred credit cards and DVDs. It means that the power of the device is high.

The best thing about this is it can cut the papers into six times small pieces than the other machines. The overload jam protection aware of the people and it is a great thing. The wastebasket can be easily cleaned and emptied by the users. The LED indicator is another thing about this device. It can help the user as and when required. The single-handed lifting process is the most beneficial thing about this device.


  • Portable and comes with built-in anti-jam ability.
  • Available along with an integrated handle for easy empty of the bin.
  • Allows shredding for about 5 minutes.
  • It comes with auto-start and auto-stop features.


  • It would have been better if the device were not overheated soon after it is operated.

4. AmazonBasics 15-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper

AmazonBasics 15-Sheet

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If you are looking for a device that can quickly shred all your unimportant and useless documents, you can completely rely upon the product of AmazonBasics 15-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper. It can be used easily for personal use at home. The mode of operating the device is simple and easy. It can be done by anyone, even if he is using it for the first time. The work of the device is not only confined within the papers but it can smoothly destroy credit cards, DVDs and other hard documents. The unwanted documents can be smoothly inserted inside the device. The device provides a P4 security level, which means one can insert any type of sensitive documents. It is also a jam-free device that is liked by the users.

It is one of the most important tools that can immediately turn a useless document into small pieces. The insertion process is smooth and easy for the users. If anyone follows the manual, they can carry out the work with no major issues. It is considered as a great tool that can protect any type of data seriously. By choosing the reverse function, the user can retrieve a un-reversed or half shredded documents. It takes less time to shred the useless and confidential documents that may create issues if kept alive. This device is highly praised by modern officials.


  • It can use up to 15 papers at a time.
  • It can easily run for about 20 minutes.
  • Protects ultimate protection against overheating and overloading.
  • LED indicators to inform the users in case of overheating, overloading or open door.


  • It would have been better if the design or the look of the device have been made a little stylish and better.

5. GBC Paper Shredder

GBC Paper Shredder

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Often the mess of unimportant documents that are found on the floor of the office looks not only untidy but irritating at the same time. To make the whole area look clean, people can use GBC Paper Shredder. They possess some qualities and features that are unique from the rest of the ones. It helps in properly cross-cutting the useless documents. The capacity of the shredder is 14, and that is not low. The device is made durably and it gives the ultimate service to the users. There is a separate cutter that is mainly engaged in cutting CDS and discs. This system is rarely found in any other device.

A shredder is always important and plays a pivotal role in securing comprehensive data and policies. It is such a device that stands for quality and effective use. People may get confused about the exact way of operating the machine. But once they start using it they will start loving it and will rely upon the tool. With all these innovative qualities this product has won the heart of millions of people all across the globe. This device is efficient in meeting everyday security needs and requirements. It is the best thing about the shredder.


  • Easy way to get rid of the mess and unimportant documents.
  • Consists of a capacity of 14 papers.
  • Helps in versatile shredding of documents commencing from papers to CDS and discs.
  • Helps to maintain compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act or CCPA.


  • It would have been better if the mode of operating the device was made a little easier and convenient for the users or the operators.

6. Boxis AF80 AutoShred



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The paper shredder invented by Boxis AF80 is not only amazing but useful for office use. The light and the compact device comes with a lot of features that make it different from the rest of the ones. Just drop a stalk of 80 sheets inside this device and carry out other work. Within a short time, it will be found that all such papers are cut into micro parts. The device takes about ten minutes to cut the papers. The device comes with a huge capacity and so it can be easily used in any big establishment. The most vital thing about this device is that it puts before the users to shred secure documents both manually and instantly. In this case, the device is said to be a beneficial one.

This device is said to be ideal for busy offices. Just put 90 sheets inside the device and it will carry out the whole work. With the help of automatic forward and reverse modes, the user can reduce the risk of jams. There is no requirement for plastic bags. The user has to slide out the wastebasket and drop all the waste documents. The device comes with the overheat indicator that helps the user. There are many things special about the device and so it is unique.


  • Holds the ability to shred 80 papers at a time.
  • Runs for ten minutes before cooling down.
  • It can easily reduce a letter size paper into 1500 unreadable documents.
  • An ideal device for shredding credit cards or any type of hard documents.


  • It will have been better if the wheels of the device have been made of better quality materials.

7. Fellowes Powershred 76Ct

Fellowes Powershred

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The Fellowes Powershred is a wonderful device that is robust and sturdy. It takes about twenty minutes to run and helps in the smooth shredding of documents. It comes with auto-reverse features and prevents any type of jamming. Apart from documents, one can also shred hard documents like CDS and other types of discs. The device also comes with smart self-sense and in such a manner, it protects the fingers of the user. The weight of the device is estimated to be about 33 pounds. It is capable of shredding 16 sheets of paper.

This device is capable of shredding any type of essential tax documents and other financial documents. In many situations, all these documents may create a lot of issues in an office or the personal life of a person. The capacity of the device is 6.5 gallon.


  • Helps in shredding 16 sheets of paper efficiently.
  • Easily shred and destroys papers along with DVDs, CDS, and discs.
  • Shut down technology protects the fingers of the users.
  • It creates less noise than any other device.


  • It will have been better if the jam has been easily removed by the user.

8. Dahle PaperSAFE 22022 Paper Shredder

Dahle PaperSAFE 22022 Paper Shredder

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The paper shredder that is made by Dahle Paper SAFE 22022 is unique and easy to maintain the device. Users can get many things unique about this device. The thermally protected motor and less noise of the device are liked and preferred by a good number of people. On the other side, this P4 shredder holds the capacity of holding 4 gallons of waste. This device is great for destroying any types of financial statements, confidential documents smoothly.

It allows the user to operate the device in a trouble freeway. Once the bin is full it can be emptied easily by anyone. The device gives jam protection to the documents. However, if the sheet capacity of the motor exceeds, it will stop automatically. The main thing about the device is that it is easy to maintain and environment-friendly.


  • It creates less noise at the time of operation.
  • It comes with built-in jam protection.
  • Have a large and powerful motor for smooth functioning.
  • Easily shreds any types of hard documents like credit cards and discs.


  • The inner parts of the device should have been made a little better and smoother for the users.

9. ideal 2445 Cross-Cut Deskside Paper Shredder


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The paper shredder that is manufactured by ideal. 2445 is versatile and fit for 2-3 persons. The body of the device is made hardy by utilizing high-quality steel and other types of materials. The shredder is capable of shredding papers along with staples, clips, and other types of hard materials. This device provides full protection to the fingers at the time of operation. German engineering technology provides easy to operate option before the users. Rather the motor is of superior quality. The capacity of the paper shredder is high, and it can shred about 122 sheets.

Now solve your problem if you have a bunch of irrelevant documents. It can be easily disposed of with the help of this great shredder. With the introduction of all types of advanced tools, it can easily carry out the shredding process. This is a useful device that can solve your tension permanently. This device has been an effective one for the modern man.


  • A perfect device that can be mainly used by 2-3 persons.
  • It can easily shred 122 sheets.
  • It comes with a powerful and hardy motor.
  • It is made of high-quality steel and other types of hard materials.


  • It would have been better if the price of the device could have been lowered to some extent for the benefit of the users.

10. Sentinel Pro FS3150PA 30-Sheet Strip-Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

Sentinel Pro

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The paper shredder that is manufactured by Sentinel Pro FS3150PA is a heavy-duty device. The capacity of the shredder is high. The reverse manual function allows the device to reverse the cutting blades in case of jamming. On the other side, if you are thinking to shred credit cards or other types of cards you are free to do so.

The capacity of the shredder is about 30 sheets. The device is reliable and can be handled safely by anyone. If it is all about paper clips or small clips, it can also be done here. The capacity of the basket is estimated to be about 8.14 gallon. The more this device will be used for the official purpose, the more will start relying upon it.


  • Easily shreds 30 sheets in the device.
  • The basket capacity of the device is large, and it is estimated to be about 8.14 gallons.
  • The device easily accepts credit cards, identity cards, and similar other cards.
  • Available along with the manual reverse feature.


  • It would have been better if the device had some fixed or specific warranty period.

Staples Paper Shredder Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use the standard paper shredder for shredding stapled documents or with paper clips?

If you are thinking of using the standard paper shredder that doesn’t support the stapled documents and other hard items, then it would be a big mistake, and you might end up with a stuck or damaged paper shredder. If you are willing to shred the stapled papers or documents, then for sure, you should go with the staples paper shredding machines only; otherwise, the staples or paper clips can easily damage your normal paper shredder.

However, it is true that there are most of the manufacturers are offering the paper shredders that can handle or shred hard material items like a filled envelope, CDs, covers, paper clips, and yeah, stapled documents. So, the conclusion is that you should not use or buy a normal paper shredder if you are willing to shred staple paper documents.

  • Is there any type of paper shredder present that can shred stapled documents and take less cooling time?

Well, most of the time, the paper shredders that can shred the hard material items usually take too long to cool down. And believe it or not, but the longer the cooling time, the less the frequency your paper shredder would have. So, if you want a paper shredder option for commercial use that you are willing to use so many times a day, then you must go with something that has less cooling time. But most of the time, the standard paper shredder has less cooling time than the hard material shredding machines.

But thanks to the advanced technology implementation, many manufacturers are offering some paper shredders that can shred stapled documents and even other hard materials. And the best part is that they won’t take too long, many of them just take five to ten minutes of cooling time before the next shredding session, you should keep an eye on the cooling time section before making the final purchase decision.

  • My paper shredder comes with the CDs shredding, so should I use it for shredding stapled or clipped documents?

If you recently bought a paper shredder that allows you to shred the CDs through it, then for sure, that particular shredder can help you with shredding stapled documents. Usually, the paper clip shredding is a tough task for most paper shredders, but few options present in the market can do this flawlessly. But if you are still wondering whether you can shred the stapled documents with your paper shredder that can shred CDs, you must take a look at the user manual.

  • Is it possible to shred multiple stapled documents through a staple paper shredder?

Yes, it is possible, but all it depends upon the capacity of a paper shredding machine. Suppose if you have bought a staple paper shredder, but it only can shred one stapled document at a time, then you can’t use it for multiple stapled documents at a time. Therefore, it is a recommendation that you should always check the capacity or ability to cut multiple documents at one time of a paper shredder.

Bottom Line:

A documented paper is such a thing that needs to be destroyed once its use is over. Many times it has been noticed that the document that has been using by the officials for a long time may not be required after a certain time. It is important to destroy them immediately or else issues may arise. There are mainly three types of shredded papers. They are strip-cut, cross-cut, and micro-cut. It is with these types of devices one can cut the papers into a horizontal, vertical manner. It is the best way to shred sensitive and confidential information.

If we look back, even a few years earlier, there were no such scopes. People could not destroy their documents or any other information even after a certain use. This could create a lot of issues among the people and official bodies. But with the help of this effective device, one can easily destroy such documents and within less time. Most of such devices are easy to operate and they require less maintenance. People can smoothly handle such devices and they are found to be effective for the operators. If you are getting used to such devices, they will not like to use any other ones in the future.

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