Mistakes To Avoid While Using A Paper Shredder

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Paper shredders are gaining popularity these days due to their capability of protecting personal and business information. These devices are widely in use among nearly every household and office. The paper that you discard, before giving a second thought, can put you in danger. We always need to make sure to dispose of the confidential data carefully. Many unscrupulous people are waiting for this chance; once your data falls in the hands of wrong people, you will be the reason behind your company’s loss.

Therefore, the best way to avoid these tricky situations is to get a paper shredder machine. People are usually confused while buying a new device. Similarly, a lot of people end up making common mistakes while buying a paper shredder. We are listing down a few tips to avoid these silly mistakes, have a look-

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Type of shredder

The size of the shred is the most considerable aspect! The size of the shredder reflects the amount of destruction done to the paper. The more miniature is the size of the shred, the higher is the level of protection. The shredder usually comes in the following varieties; strip-cut, cross-cut, and micro-cut are some types of shredder. All of them provide a different level of security; let us discuss each one of them one by one in details-

  • Strip-cut shredders use the most obsolete technology and hence, the use of these shredders has shown a steep decline in the past few years. These shredders cut the paper in long and thin strips. By joining the piece of the shreds, one can easily decode the information.
  • Next up, we have cross-cut shredders that came after the emergence of strip shredders. These shredders cut the paper in thin and short strips, making it quite difficult for the hacker to decode the data. However, they do not provide total security to the user so; it is advisable for personal use. Office users can still not entirely rely on these kinds of shredders.
  • Last on the list is the micro-cut shredder that provides ultimate security to the user. These shredders cut the paper pieces in even smaller pieces that are impossible to decode. Office users can attain a maximum level of security as they can safely discard the documents after shredding them.

What kind of user are you?

Another important aspect for you to consider is the frequency of using the machine. If you want a personal shredder then you can go for strip-cut or cross-cut shredder. Small scale business people can also trust cross-cut shredder as they can protect your information securely. Merchandising users can go for maximum security shredder that will keep the information away from the burglars. You can find the right product by identifying the number of users and the volume of shred generated.

Avoid noisy machine

Almost every office has a signboard that asks the staff members to work quietly. But, when it comes to a machine, we can’t do much about it. The noise created by the machines causes hindrance in your work and your focus is deviated. Therefore, the best way to avoid noisy surroundings is to check the operation of the shredder. Quiet operation shredders are the best ones for commercial use. Therefore, always select the shredders that work in harmony with the surrounding.

Working speed & run time

The amount of time a shredder can run efficiently without a cool-down break, determines the work speed. These factors guide the rating of a machine that tells you about the performance of a shredder. The number of papers that are shredder per cycle also determines the efficiency of the shredder. Avoid buying shredder with low working speed and run time. Always check the performance rating of the shredder before buying it.

Security level

If you work in a renowned firm, you need to check the security level that the shredder provides. This will help to eliminate the risk of fraud and piracy. Different shredders provide a distinctive level of security; to learn more about this, have a look at the following points-

  • DN-P1

It provides the least amount of security, and hence the use of these shredders is outdated. They cut a regular paper into 16-20 long strips.

  • DN-P2

These devices are safer as compared to the above ones. They cut a standard size paper into 35 long strips.

  • DN-P3

Cut the paper into 200 bits.

  • DN-P4

This is quite difficult to decode as it cuts paper into 400 pieces.

  • DN-P5

This is the first one in the category of highly secured shredders. This shredder cuts the paper into 2,000 small bits.

  • DN-P6

This shredder offers the second-highest level of security. It cuts the paper into 6,000 particles and is ideal for office use.

  • DN-P7

It provides the highest level of security by cutting the paper into 12,000 small bits. We recommend it for merchandise use universally.

Is it only a paper shredder?

Don’t forget to question the seller about the multi functionality of the shredder. Is it only a paper shredder? Does it offer multipurpose use? A high-quality shredder is efficient enough to shred anything from paper to CD, DVD, and credit cards. We recommend you to invest some more money to get a quality shredder that is cost-efficient. Credit cards and DVDs contain many vital information; these data should be discarded properly for the sake of the company.

Additional points

Additional points to ensure before buying a shredder are the sheet capacity, energy consumption, warranty period, jam resistance, and the cost-effectiveness of the shredder. Avoid buying a shredder with low sheet capacity as it is more time-consuming. A shredder that consumes low power will save the cost of the electricity bill. At last, always check the warranty period to be assured of the machine.

Final Words

A shredder machine is a cost-effective device for households as well as for office use. The protection of your personal and official data should be your ultimate goal. These were some points to consider before buying a shredder machine. Following these tips can save your time and energy. We hope these tips were helpful for you guys. Thanks for your patience reading!

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