Paper Shredder Vs Shredder Scissors: Which one to buy?

Paper Shredder Vs Shredder Scissors

There was a time when security was not a major concern for most ofthe people, however, with competition and technology advancing each year, the need for better security has increased. This is one of the reasons for shredding the papers after use. In the beginning, it was all done by simply cutting them manually with a pair of scissors. However, this changed and people started to call for more advanced ways to shred a paper. This is where paper shredders come in, they are designed to offer comparatively better security and efficiency.

When it comes to which type of shredder to purchase, there is s strong confusion among the customers. One of the main reasons is that even paper shredders come in different types, manual, automatic, based on how it works,strip-cut, crosscut, and micro-cut types based on the type of cut.Selecting an appropriate shredder from such a diverse type is not that easy, this is why we would provide you with every detail on both paper shredder and Shredder scissors.

Paper Shredder Vs Shredder Scissors

Let us start with Shredder scissors as it came first and it is still in use these days.

Shredder scissors –

  • A Shredder scissor is the simplest paper shredding tool made these days, they were introduced a long time ago and it is still in use these days.
  • One of the best things about Shredder scissors is that they come designed for easy use.Even kids could use the tool with ease.
  • A shredder scissor is comparatively less expensive than an electric paper shredder.
  • Using a shredderscissor is possible even if the power supply is cut off, this helps the user every time.
  • All the shredder scissors available on the market comes designed in the same way, however, the overall size of the product could differ based on the model.
  • One of the greatest disadvantages of using a shredderscissor is that they need to be sharpened every now and then after every use.
  • Yet another biggest disadvantage of a shredder scissor is that they are not suitable for senior citizens if the thickness of the paper is high, the user will have to exert comparatively larger pressure on the tool.
  • A shredder scissor is not a tool that allows any user to shred the paper at an increased security level, yes, a shredder scissor cannot offer a high level of security.

Paper shredder –

  • A paper shredder is an advanced piece of machinery that allows any user to shred the paper that is fed into it manually or automatically.
  • One of the best things about a paper shredder running on electricity is that they come in different types, manual feed, automatic feed, based on the feed and based on the type of shredding there are three types, strip, crosscut, and micro-cut.
  • A paper shredder is designed in such a way that it offers the user the option to choose from a wide range of options based on the security level, if the level if high the shredder will shred the paper into tiny pieces and if the security is low or medium, the shred could have a maximum size of 3 to 8mm.
  • A paper shredder comes designed in such a way that it could easily shred more than 300 paper easily without malfunctioning.
  • Unlike a shredder scissor, a paper shredder is designed in such a way that it could be used by people of any age, an automatic paper shredder is the easiest of all, as they feed the paper automatically and everything is attached to a sensor that makes the work easier.

The major difference between a paper shredder and shredder scissor is the basic design itself. On the other hand, there is the motor that comes incorporated into the device that makes shedding easy.

Conclusion –

You have seen the basic difference between a paper shredder and shredder scissor, we have clearly mentioned every detail you need to know to select an appropriate product. However, if you want our opinion, we will put it simply as follows, if you want a shredder for household purpose with least security, then shredder scissor is the best option, and also this tool is cheap, anyone could afford one. But, if you want a shredder for your office or home and you need optimal security and efficiency, then a paper shredder is the best option for you.

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